Friday, December 17, 2010

one last blog post for the class

What PBDS601 has taught me:

1. I'm not that good at this. I just need more work and some harsh critics. I spent a lot of this semester questioning myself and if there's any talent underneath my desire to do well in this class/life. I'm still up in the air about it but I'll attempt to let myself discover if I do have talent instead of cutting myself down - which I am a professional at doing. The only time I don't cut myself down is when I remember that there are people in the program and I need to do better than them.

2. I can't make it perfect. I can technically, but for now there's always going to be something I want to change and that's ok. I'm definitely not good enough to make something that doesn't require any changes and most of us are in that same category.

3. You can't make everyone happy, I should start with me. Specifically, I need to make changes I like and can live with, not just to make people *COUGH AMY COUGH* happy. I at least need to be able to justify my decisions with something other than, "Amy thought it would be better". This is in specific reference to the project 5, where I got rid of the tooth but thought I could've made it work by keeping it.

4. Letting an idea marinate is good. Man, my first projects really sucked hard. Going back to them to do revisions is so much better. I had a decent idea of how to structure them but made some bad decisions. Now I am able to see that and the revisions aren't so tough. I'm glad I get to go back to them for a new grade, but I think I would just enjoy going back to them anyway.

5. Sometimes your ideas are shitty. I've had some really shitty ones. Salvage anything workable and move on, it's ok.

6. Questions I still have: Will I be nothing more than mediocre at this? How can I tell? What am I getting for Christmas? (oops, looks like I'm already moving on)

This class was great, it even opened me up to the wonders of a blog. I'll likely be keeping the posts coming, just at a slightly slower clip and with a mini break over the holidays - you should never blog drunk! Anyway, goodbye isn't forever Internet, I'll be back!