Friday, January 21, 2011

what's that looming in the horizon?

In just a few short days, Spring semester begins with only one class this time: Typography. This may be the one class I've been looking forward to most, so I'm excited to put all my time, energy and creativity into this one thing, since it's my sincere hope that I find some talent in this subset of graphic design. With the start of the semester, I figured it was time to get this blog going again, at least to catalog and track what I like in the design world (and probably the things I hate too). Given that, I'm going to kick this off with something I like - a chart. Not just any chart, this also falls into the category of things I love, namely Parks and Recreation. Thank you Ron effing Swanson, for this chart. Maybe not the prettiest design, but certainly awesome anyway. Happy New Year!

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